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How to sponsor Phoebe

Phoebe works extremely hard to maintain her current position and further her training to one day hopefully compete at an Olympic event.

We drive approximately 35000 miles a year and fly to around 10 countries annually for her  to compete at international competitions or to train with foreign fencers.

We fully appreciate the help and funding provided by her sponsors, this allows her to have the best and safest equipment and prevents her losing a match through defective equipment.

We try to keep costs down and fully maximise any funding provided to allow her to compete. Her father is a self taught accomplished armourer and helps by rebuilding her swords and electrical equipment when damaged and builds new swords from scratch saving around £500 pounds a year.

Her mother is world class at finding the cheapest flights and hotels across Europe.

Costs for Phoebe`s equipment

Contact Lenses

Phoebe uses contact lenses to train and compete, they are chosen by a sorts specialist optician to ensure her depth perception and vision is as near perfect as possible. This ensures she doesn`t miss her opponent when attacking. Priced per competition.


Fencing Socks

White with protective shin cushion


Fencing Glove

800N Protects her hand from hard hits


Chest Protector

Plastic under shield


Body wire and head mask wire

Connects her sword to the scoring mechanismn, easily repaired to reduce costs. But Phoebe needs several of these each season


Plasteron under garment

800 Provides additional protection for the sword arm and chest from a jacket failure


Fencing Shoes

Made specifically for fencing with protection and anti slip soles


Fencing Mask

800N Only the top protection levels are allowed to be used at the international level that Phoebe competes at.



(Pronounced larmey) Electrical outer jacket.Hits are scored when the opponents sword touches this metal filament jacket. Her surname and country abreviation ( GBR or ENG ) has to be printed on the back for all international competitions.


Fencing Breeches

800N Phoebe needs at least two pairs of these at all times


Fencing Jacket

800N Phoebe needs at least two of these at all times


Complete Fencing Sword

(FIE Size 5) Phoebe needs five or six of these at any one time in varying degrees of decay. Phoebe prefers Viniti Russian made swords which are reliable and tough. There are two types of handle/grip. A French grip is long and straight whereas a pistol grip is shorter and contoured to fit the hand more comfortably, there is arguments for and against both types however most top fencers use a pistol grip. Phoebe uses a pistol grip.


Fencing Kit bag

Designed with seperate compartments to keep the swords and steel mask away from wet kit to prevent them rusting. These are tough and designed for international travel to ensure all her kit arrived in one piece, however they only usually last about 12 months after travelling through international airports. Her name has to be printed on the bag .


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Equipment cost for 1 complete set as you see her wearing above  £1034
Cost for travel, accommodation and entry for  one Cadet U17 international (self funded parent has to travel also)     £800
Phoebe ( on the right in this picture ) competing in Cadet U17 Pisa Italy January 2017 highest ranked British fencer finishing 21st out of 177 competitors
Equipment  cost for 1 complete season £2000-£3000
Cost for travel, accommodation and entry for one Junior U20 international competition (self funded traveling by herself with GB team)     £600
Phoebe is happy to have sponsorship logos printed on her kitbag and clothing and will gratefully wear sports clothing provided by sponsors whilst training and competing throughout the world. 
Phoebe is happy to be involved with professional promotional work for her sponsors. 
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