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Phoebe`s News Page

February 2020

Between November 2019 and February 2020 Phoebe was selected for 5 International competitions. Her performance varied but she achieved 3 last 64 placings which qualified her for the European Championships. Just 5 months after her return to fencing Phoebe was selected as reserve for the competition but was called up at the last minute and flew out to join the team the day before her competition started. Unfortunately she did not make the round of DE and finished 57th.With her friends she finished 9th in the team competition. The picture below shows Phoebe with her team mates.

November 2019

So after two months back in training and some mixed results Phoebe has made her way up to 6th in the British U20 rankings and has been invited to represent GB in the individual World Cup in Udine and the individual and team World Cup in Zagreb both of which take place in January. Phoebe's presence at these competitions will be funded with some of the money provided by her Heywood Township Grant and we would like to express our thanks to them and Alex Gage for their continuing support of her fencing journey.

October 2019

As the season gets underway it has been announced that Phoebe has been selected to be a mentee for  The True Athlete Project ( She has been very fortunate to be paired with Keith Cook who will support her as she works towards her goals and helps to develop a more positive and compassionate approach to sport for all.

September 2019

Just as the 2018-19 fencing season started Phoebe was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as ME. She spent most of the season resting with very few attendances at competitive events.

This season 2019-20 Phoebe is almost back at normal health levels and has moved to London to train full time with coach Chris Galesloot. Although not quite at full fitness and following a long period of absence from training Phoebe has already achieved an 8th and 10th place at two U20 competitions. She is looking forward to what the rest of the season will bring!


Phoebe is pictured here with Dr Raymond Perrin who treated her for ME during the 2018-19 season. Both Phoebe and Dr Perrin are very pleased with how she has responded to the treatment and Phoebe is now well enough to return to training full time

commonwealths podium[2166].jpg

Cadet Commonwealth Games

Team Silver Medal

July 2018

commonwealths handover[2164].jpg
Commonwealths individual[2165].jpg
                                  Phoebe  and her silver medalist team mates                         
commonwealths team start[2168].jpg
commonwealths team silver[2167].jpg
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