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Coaches and supporting proffesionals

It takes many people to build an  elite athlete,

          here are some of the important ones

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Fencing Coach Chris Galesloot head coach for Allez Fencing and Lead Coach for the Foil Athlete Development Programme for British Fencing.  Chris is working with Phoebe as her personal coach now  she has moved to London. Chris has represented the Netherlands at all levels as a foil fencer and is a very experienced coach.

 Nick  Fowler & Martin Gallyer

Strength  & Conditioning  Coaches Sports clubs; Talented Young Athletes;

 Elite players.

Head S&C @philips_gym @hpathletes

Phoebe trains here every weekend she is not competing to prevent injury.

Podiatrists  - Salford University

Phoebe uses shoe inserts to ensure her lunge is perfect and does not damage her  joints.

  Fencing Coach Adam Blight

Club : Sheffield Buccaneers

Coach to  Olympiad  Hussain Rosowsky and some of Britain`s top young  male and female fencers

Fencing Coach Robert Kiss

Hungarian ex Olympic fencer  Club : Salle Kiss , Bury  Coach to some of Britain`s top young fencers . 

Sport Psychologist - Dr Jon Radcliffe

Leeds Trinity University

Helps Phoebe deal with the stress of competing at  a high level and helps with  the mental strategy  required when  fighting someone face to face

Nutritionist  - Dr Anna Robins

Salford University

Anna analyses Phoebe`s  dietary needs to  ensure she  can still compete at a high level without  running out of energy  and allows her body  to grow as a teenager should.

PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), FHEA

Programme Leader/Senior Lecturer in Exercise, Nutrition and Health |  School of Health Sciences L708, Allerton Building, University of Salford, Salford  M6 6PU

t: +44 (0)161 295 2674  |

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