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Phoebe has lived all her life in Heywood, Lancashire

Great Britain but has recently moved to London to allow her to train full time



Born March 2001

Current Age 18 Years


Started fencing aged 10 at Salle Kiss fencing club Bury


Current British   Junior U20 ranking

No 7

First selected to fence for England 

aged 12

First selected to fence for Great Britain

aged 13

England kit stripes

Great Britain kit stripes

The latest GB patch is only available from summer 2017 and to fencers who have been selected to fence for Great Britain at a junior international comp.

Phoebe earned hers in September 2017 when selected to fence for GB at the international qualifying Eden Cup in London 

Most recent accomplishments

International competitions in 2017/18

  • November 2019 54th place London Cup U23 international

  • November 2019 61st place Eden Cup U20 world cup

  • September 2019 8th Place Leon Paul BRC Junior Womens' Foil

  • September 2019 10th Place Junior National Championships 2019

              BRC = British Ranking Competition

Phoebes fastest ever win to 15 points

41 Seconds

Phoebe`s fastest hit on her random target electronic Favero training  board

0.37 of a second

Phoebe`s average hit time  on her random target electronic Favero training  board

0.45 of a second
  • Phoebe wears contact lenses whilst fencing, her glasses don't fit within her mask (Please see sponsors page - Alex Gage)

  • Phoebe names Richard Kruze (Britain`s top Olympic fencer) as a person whom she admires

  • Phoebe burns around 3500 calories a day whilst competing or training (Phoebe`s favourite food is  steak)

  • When not competing Phoebe undertakes  strength and conditioning training at Phillip's Sports Gym alongside other top sporting teens, this helps maintain her core strength and prevent injury

  • Below is where Phoebe hangs some of her hard fought medals, it`s a sword which she damaged hitting on one her opponents, because it was damaged beyond repair we decided to find another use for it.

  • A new FIE maraging steel sword usually lasts Phoebe around two - three months, she has to use FIE quality swords ( cheaper swords only last a couple of weeks)

  • Phoebe is an elite athlete and treats her nutrition and health as such (sports persons are usually considered elite when they compete for their country).

Previous accomplishments
  • November 2017 (8th Place Team, 30th Place individuals)  Representing GB  Modling Cadet International Austria  (Highest ranked British female fencer moving Phoebe to No1 GB  &  No44 European / World Ranking U17)

  • October 2017 11th Place Manchester International Cadet

  • September 2017 Gold medal  (Team)

  • September 2017 Silver medal (Individual) Representing England in the School Games

  • August 2017 Bronze medal Junior U20   BRC  Leon Paul London

  • July 2017 Silver medal Cadet U17  BRC  National Championships Nottingham

  • July 2017 13th Junior  U20           BRC National Championships Nottingham

  • April 2017 16th U20 World Championships   Team  Highest scoring British Fencer

  • February 2017 Bronze medal Under 23 British Championships Leon Paul London

  • January 2017 21st Pisa International Cadet U17  Highest ranked British fencer

  • January 2017 Bronze medal  Junior U20 BRC  Manchester

  • November 2016 Bronze medal  Leon Paul Open London (adult comp)

              BRC = British Ranking Competition

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